Moving To Appear

by Marina Marina

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Recorded by marina marina primarily at her firetower...some recording done at Laurel Lane in Victoria and Melodie of the Universe recorded at 116 Robinson in Hamilton.


released February 1, 2011

Thanks Steve Disher for your creative input on To Be Free.


all rights reserved



Marina Marina Alberta

Melt in your Mouth Melodies
Unique and Unforgettable
Acoustic Folk, Earth Music

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Track Name: Melodie of the Universe
melodie of the universe:
you caught my song in the middle of hurt
and you held it there in the frozen air
until the sun came up over city tops.

snow banks on the regal roads
and surreal words so real we told
the drinking boys to tell the truth
as they tried so hard to forget their youth.

and i spoke to you with words of pain
while your memories were trapped in vain
in the red brick house on a busy street
someday you’ll walk in so that you can meet.

all the hordes of love and unspoken truths
as you tried so hard to forget your youth
just to grow on up in the city crowd
where your thoughts get drawn like a receding cloud.

jars and random
thieves of settled dust
lonely drawers filled
with your long
lasting trust
so go upstairs now that
you’re allowed
i promise you
it’s all right now.

melodie of the universe
you caught my song
in the middle of hurt
and you held it there
in the frozen air until
the sun came up over
city tops.
Track Name: Time Stand Still
time stands still
broken will over nothingness
and it’s such a power
oh to struggle with
when the cold fronts
find their warmth again.

i’ll be waiting
when the truth gets in
i’ll be waiting
when the love sets in
because i’m good at it.

factory pension plan
and you’re working hard
just to pay the rent
and your family
oh they struggle with
the cold fronts
that you’re giving them.

truth be told
getting what you give
well it’s just the man
trying to wear you thin
i’ve seen it all a hundred times before
well cash is cold
but sinning is warm.
Track Name: Cover Me
cover me.
stumble around
trying to make things right
lovers lost
looking through the blind side
oh it hurts to lie
but it hurts more to tell you

cover me i’m shivering you said
spin me up inside your web
burn in said
the darkest parts go unfed
oh you said.

what a tangled web our thoughts
have wound
constricting our hearts so they can
not pound...
Track Name: Thin (song for Sara)
I'm sorry that you spread yourself so thin
but you don't listen anyways
and I'm sorry that you spread yourself so thin
so thin for him.
But you won't listen anyways and you do it again
just to fill in that empty space
and you, you do it again
Track Name: Disquiet
disquiet. now i have forgotten what this work was for. building mother nature into monoculture.
certainly not for the preservation of sustainable wholistic creation. to me i think i have made so
much but i know that you have made much more. and since when did i sell out my backbone
to become your working class whore. disquiet and disturbing. what do we do when our words are
not enough? and our lungs are all but decompressed if your heart and mind should fall apart
what do you think you will have left? disquiet and disturbing. i refuse this hypnotism. i refuse
this cynicism. i refuse this decision to sell my soul to materialism. i refuse. disquiet.
Track Name: Obliterated
there is nothing between us
but a rented space built for obliteration
a broken down weather station
and a secret penchant for intoxication.
your love is a satellite

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