Golden Love Seat

by Marina Marina

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Ben Dunsmuir
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Ben Dunsmuir Delightful and genuine, not an ounce of vanity, Marina's music is effortlessly real and present as if she was singing in your kitchen because, well, that's just a good place to sing. And as if it were just a side-effect of her creative process, the music also happens to be wickedly talented with playful melodies, brilliant guitar rhythms, and one-of-a-kind vocals. Favorite track: Dance In My Kitchen.
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Recorded in a cabin near the eight corner cupola that I perch in. Summer 2012. Album performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Marina.


released November 1, 2012

Thank-you for supporting independent artists. xo


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Marina Marina Alberta

Melt in your Mouth Melodies
Unique and Unforgettable
Acoustic Folk, Earth Music

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Track Name: Gold
Here I come
Just to go
Back to the ocean
Of Shining Gold

I am the end
I am the beginning
I am bound
To be Free

I have to wonder
Should I lay low
Filled with perfection
Certain to show

The begging city
Beckons for change
I greet the strangers
And I learn to say
Track Name: Dance In My Kitchen
I want to take all of this sad
And turn it into ash
These Golden blessings are many
Though my heartache is huge
A hue of summer colour
Shall come and wash the pain
For new life to grow over and over
Oh let these tears be rain
Oh let these tears be rain!!

Oh Oh! Oh Oh Oh yeah yeah Oh!!

So Welcome home my dear
Forever is nothing here
Come Dance in my kitchen
I will sing you a song
You'll be so happy to hear
I'm so very grateful you came
That I even Shout out your name
A worker, A lover, A Criminal Brother
In this house we're all the same
In this place we're all the same

Oh let me remove this blindfold
That covers up my seeing
Live life in the present moment
And just keep breathing
Create something very useful
Anything under the sun
Our fortunes continue burning
For more than just one
Ahhh more than just one!
Track Name: Impress You
Everything is better now the snow falls down
Cement is often softer than the frozen ground
I know because I fell hard when I looked at you
Running through the street in the wrong kind of shoes
You helped me up but then you promptly pushed me down
Ran away with laughter memorized your sound
Walked around in circles in this icy town
Collecting all the nickels
To buy a crown
Just to, Impress you
My mind would have me searching
For countless days
Grasping for your beauty in a Hundred ways
Once or twice I saw you
and I skipped a beat
Yelled your name so loudly
That I cleared the street
But you vanished into thin air
Leaving me to Sink
Deeply into despair
Driving me to think about you every second
and the in between
but all I had were tears and a sorry dream
Just to Impress you
And I finally found you
Shining bright
With arms open
And nothing left to hide
And you told me that I
Think too much
Drink Too much
Want too much
Need too much
Cry too much

And I said "Well baby all I need..."

Lover how you love me
How you wanna laze
Laze around with no words
Just to waste the day
I found a surreal answer
Loving you is real
Inside a broken promise
Is a heart to heal
Now let's get a going
Walk along the path
You know there's no tomorrow so Let's make this last
And cast away the shadow of our empty past
Replace it with a jewel in the form of a laugh!
Just to impress you
Track Name: A Tornado
You seem to be doing just fine,
except for the distance in your eyes.
I see that you've fractured from the fight,
and now you are curling around the light.

I look ahead, I look behind
I see you coming in due time
A firm grip on my heart
I cannot stop the way you start.

Are you gonna throw us all over this place?
Can I stand in your center where it's safe?
Scared lips pressed against your face,
Where my quiet mouth has no say.

I look ahead, I look behind
I see you coming in due time
A firm grip on my heart
I cannot stop the way you star
(breaks my, breaks my...)

Oh and I know the way you shape the dust.
Warmed I surrender into trust
You body renders from far away
I quake, I'm the ocean, shiver and stay
Track Name: Temporary
Pins and needles in my arms from holding your heart.
Morning after morning, never being wanted wanted or kissed, held like this.
Just like those matches drowning in rivers how could we start, we just break apart.
Always something in the way but I was scared to say because I was falling for you.

And you don't call
You don't break my fall
You don't really need me at all

You're just in my head
But not in my bed
And all the things that you said
"We're Temporary"
Like leaves on this tree
Where you once told me
To walk away, Just walk away
I should've walked away.

I left my gate open for 96 moons not counting the blues, who were you?
To pass on your sorrows like postage in barrels, so diligently and consistently.
Now my hinge is creaking and noone can sneak in.
All thanks to you, no thanks to you.
The pedestal was broken when hurtful words were spoken.
Insensitive truths from following you, following you.
Track Name: Grid is a Guillotine
The Power of the Grid is a Guillotine
Walking through the forest on this never-ending trail
I see a Raven wave her sail
I'll never really know if her feather is a palm
or confess to the truth of my songs
I haven't really slept in a couple of weeks
Because I keep drowning in my dreams.
The Sun through the shade is on Automatic Beam
And nothing on the news is quite what it seems.
Whatever it was they gave to you, give it back!
Whatever it was they took from you, take it back!

In the his-story of all mankind
The Arctic sea speaks it's warmest rhyme
The rising wave and the cresting fall
Are spitting out salmon that were hatched in a stall
And pipelines plow through Deciduous trees
Forcing paws and claws to die out or retreat I
meditate in my cabin with this plastic sin while
my aura is full with my placid little grin.
The Phoenix that rises from the ashes of the sun
Will burn our souls with her forked tongue
She'll fly us up to Mars with the garbage of the sky
To let our tortured mother have a good cry
The Atmosphere disturbance's a smooth disguise
It's the sound of laughter from the mountain sides
And the Lightening strikes down like a madman's gun
Giddy-up you better run.
Now a light breeze lifts up the world
A Cirrus cloud shifts its curl
A cold front will move in from the West
Illuminate my outbound breath I wash my
Mouth with the words that I've said
Freeze in the lake to clear my head
Prepare for the City, they've convicted me
The Power of the Grid is a Guillotine.
Track Name: Queen of Spades
All Maroon.
Your shoulder blades.
Fire mouth, Queen of Spades.
HIDING OUT (upper case)
Cards you own
as of late.

What's in your hand?

See my bed?
All unarmed.
Still you drug up my sense!
Asking "Will, will you still, still want me, once you know?"

What's in your hand?

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